Wilford Construction Company was founded by Mr. & Mrs. L.H. Wilford in 1949. The family moved to Tucson from western Kansas in 1947. L.H., as most people knew him, spent his first 2 years in Tucson working for other contractors in the Construction industry before starting Wilford Construction in 1949, building homes and doing sub contract work in carpentry, concrete, and masonry for other contractors, home owners and developers.

Raymond Wilford worked in the company after returning from Military service in 1951. Earl Wilford worked in the company after school and during the summer break from the time the company was formed and has worked full time in the company since graduating from Tucson High School in 1953. Max Wilford moved to Tucson in 1956 and worked in the company until his passing in 2006.

In 1959, the company was incorporated with L.H. as President, Max and Earl as Vice President's, Arloah (Mrs. L.H.) as Secretary/Treasurer, and Raymond Wilford as Assistant Secretary/Treasurer.

During the ensuing years, the company engaged in General Building Construction, Masonry, Concrete and Carpentry Sub Contracting for other General Contractors, Home Builders and Developers in the Tucson area, while also developing many apartment complexes, townhomes, condominiums and custom home developments in the Tucson area.

Throughout the years, residential apartments and some commercial buildings were built on property owned by the company, along with establishing a Masonry Supply business.

Presently, Wilford Construction Company's primary business is Masonry Building Supplies and Apartment Rentals. The stability of the company is maintained by Raymond serving as Secretary/Treasurer and Earl serving as President and CEO.

The Company is one of the oldest family owned and operated businesses in the construction industry in Tucson and Pima County. The Officers have been, and continue to be, active in business, civic, church, service and fraternal organizations locally, state and nationally.